Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Flower brooch ~limited edition~

These are the limited edition Flower Brooch that I made earlier... and these are all mine! *evil laugh sound effect*
Ann's Craft Limited Edition Flower Brooch

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Felt Flower Clips For Sale

These are samples for 3-layer Felt Flower Clips - you can request any colours...

3-layer Felt Flower Clips
... and 2-layers Felt Flower Clips - originally designed for kids, or those who prefers simplicity...
2-layer Felt Flower Clips

Felt Flower Clips

I was just testing a new craft dies and I got 3 layer felt flowers...
3-layer Felt Flower

 I can attach them to pins to turn them to brooches, but this time around I'm going to make something different with these flowers.  My new stock of clips has not been opened, so I decided to use them this time.  So what do I get?  A pair of felt flower clips!
Felt Flower Clips

The clips used here is a little bit small, so I guess you can use it on your scarf... like my model did:
Style 1

Style 2
*Note:Original image has been edited to ensure anonymity ;-) 
Thank you very much, Model... for being such a sport!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Flower brooch - variants

There are a couple of variants (in terms of colours) for the trio felt brooch.  These are some of them:
~ Trio-Maroon ~
~ Trio-Light Brown ~
~ Trio-Red ~
*Note: can also use these following colour schemes for the Trio Felt Brooch:
... or you can request basically any colour combination, and I'll see if the materials needed are available ;-)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Blooming flowers...

Hey there! These are all on my working table in the wee hour last Monday morning...
... in the making ...
All ready to be assembled.  Well, the only missing part is the round pin!
Finally... special order for Amira
 There you go... blooming 'felt' flower brooches.  Thank you for your order.  Hope you like the colours!

Friday, September 21, 2012

TRIO Flower Felt Brooch - available for orders

Introducing... the TRIO Flower Felt Brooch.. available in different shades. Three samples are as follows:

~ Trio_Lime ~

~ Trio_Blue ~

~ Trio_Turquoise ~
More colours will be uploaded later...

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Flower Brooch

This is one of my earliest handmade felt flower brooch - what shall I call it?

Felt Flower Brooch by Ann's Craft

Is there any similarities to these buttercup flowers?

If yes, then I may call it 'Buttercup Flower Brooch'!  Unless of course, any of you (my beloved friends) can give me some info on other similar flowers... feedback is most welcome!

Dangling Hearts

Remember the (felt) hearts that I prepared earlier?  I know that I have some handphone straps left somewhere... but when I found them, they did not come with jump rings... So off I went searching for jump rings (I know I still have packs of them) - they are stocks left from another *CRAFT* activity (what kind of craft? TBA later...  Yes, one that was not abandoned... but simply put: 'on-hold' ;-) )

... hearts, handphone strap, and a much-too-small jump rings ...
oh-oh... too small!  :P

I was lucky; I found the right size of jump rings at a nearby store.  The price/item is not encouraging though...  since they are pre-packed in small quantity.

... bigger jump rings ...
So there you go... a set of handphone straps: Dangling Hearts for your phone, anyone? :D
'Dangling Hearts' by Ann's Craft!

Monday, September 10, 2012


I've packed my yarn collection nicely in a box for quite some time.  No, definitely not for good since the box is not sealed. Though it's hard to do, I've disciplined myself (ha! ha!) not to start a big project until I've clear the major backlogs that I've accumulated since I'm gone (from my blog updates). Sometimes the temptation is very hard to resist!

This is one of the examples...
I've been eyeing the DPNs on the internet for quite some time... and finally I got it from Daiso for a very cheap price - yeah, if you buy from eBay you need to add postage and everything, right? It's bamboo, not excellently smooth, but enough to feed my curiosity on how to use DPNs. So off I went to do research on simple patterns and tutorials... (well, talk about discipline!  The temptation vs. doing the right thing???  Well, I certainly did not do anything wrong here HA HA)

Finally settled on a basic sock pattern that is supposed to be easy... at least that's what I thought.  But since it's been long since the last time I knit, I actually find it hard to control a pair of needles... let alone all four! (DPNs usually come in a set of four; 3 where you put your stitches, 1 for working)  I think I'm better off with my own way - using circular needles :D

I almost gave up, but I don't like leaving things halfway done... So finally finished the sock, but it's totally not presentable!  Ladders between stitches... but now I get the experience, and learn new term/stitch - the Kitchner Stitch.  Well probably a bit of guilt (for being undisciplined?) also contributes to the ladders?  Can't expect me to be over-disciplined, eh... :D

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My helpers

Introducing my helpers:
 and of course my lovely daughters.  Perhaps I can also venture into scrapping? Hmmm.... :D

Monday, August 27, 2012

Felt Brooch

Here's my latest craze: felt craft!

The hearts from my previous post were made from leftovers from these:
First batch

Second batch

... latest!

Oh, I seriously need help... can't survive with only pen, a pair of scissors and layers of felt!

A big HELLO to everyone!

Hi there! Missing me? (yes..  I was missing... but not my crafts)

Sorry I was buzy mending a broken heart... (heh!???), and now I'm back... with more hearts:

Can you guess what's coming? *wink*

Hope it's not too late to wish everyone Happy Eid! Maaf zahir batin... Stay tuned!