Friday, May 28, 2010

Another new bootie!

First time I saw this design, I thought it may involve rib stitch... Never heard before a stitch called 'brioche' stitch - some may refer this as 'prime rib' or 'brioche rib'. Yes, it also produces rib but a fluffier one.  Learning to knit a 'brioche' bootie is a whole new experience for me, and a whole lot fun!  Look what I got...


Thursday, May 27, 2010

New bootie!

Got a request from a friend... a new kind of bootie that I haven't tried before.  Inspecting the given photo, I think I can easily (huh... what a boast!) modify the bootie pattern that I regularly used to produce it... but... on my first try, I got a very wide toe area. :p ... not skilled enough afterall!! :D

So I started the toe area again... this time reducing the stitch to shape the toe.... and what do I get?  A newly finished bootie, one side only:
... yeay!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sneakpeek - May2010

I thought I've mentioned that I was looking for a simple knitting project, no?  I found a pattern involving cables that caught my interest.  I'm working on it... slowwwwwwly... :D

Will probably finish in a week or two... -> complicated??? Nah... load balancing and prioritizing between 'must-do' and 'can-do'... 'most important' and 'important'...

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Add-on for Angah's bag

The original bag could use an embellishment or two, don't you think? It looks kind of 'plain' (although it has stripes) ;-)

I used the daisy flower to make it cheerful - how about this:

Happy Mother's Day

I crocheted a flower (daisy???) and snapped a picture:

I should have put something like "Greetings... from Ann's Craft" or something... coz it really looks like a greeting card :D.  Anyway Happy Mother's Day to all great mothers out there!

A new bag

Look... the bag that I started a few weeks ago is finally done  (please note that I'm not a full-time crocheter, eh... ).  This time I'm using sc around - need to take extra care when changing colours so that it is not obvious.  I sew a zipper at the opening as Angah has requested...  And the handles - a YouTube tutorial on 'foundation single crochet' or 'fsc' is very helpful; I can just continue crocheting around even at the handles.

Now Angah can have her new bag... but Adik also want a bag too! Waa... another project to the list???

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Stash of yarn

Last night, I noted an empty plastic container that nobody claimed ownership (yet!). My initial guess is that it'll be big enough to house my whole yarn stash. Well, well... turned out that I have to squeeze the yarns close together to avoid them from spilling! Still, some of them need to queue up for some empty space (if any - later on...) to be in the basket.
... now, where're my purple and lilac yarns...? MIAs!

Hmm... I'm resisting the temptation to start a new project... and the fact that it has been quite a while since I finished up a knitting project makes the temptation even stronger!  Perhaps a simple knitting project won't hurt??? But time is very precious... we'll see about that... ;-)

Saturday, May 1, 2010


This is another FO. A very simple project using sc, some increase and decrease, and joining front and back pieces together. Now, who's that lucky person to have this cute yellow Duckie???