Friday, November 12, 2010


Last time I missed the 10.10.10... and I missed again the 10.11.10... so I vowed to 'stamp' an entry (at least) on a day in 2010 with a nice date.  You might be wondering why my blog was updated with 'silent entries' lately, but I assure you that my craft projects are still going on and off...  There are quite a number of projects that are presentable, but I still need to add some finishing touches (ha ha... it's the idealist vs realist thingy...).  And apart from exploring yarn projects, I did venture into sewing! :-)

As the title indicates something with a decreasing order... I'm actually counting my days to finish my study, with LOTS of work yet to be done!  Guess you have figured out the cause of the silent entries... so, wish me luck! ;-)