Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Welcome to everyone. I've been putting off the idea of publishing in a blog too long that everyone is way ahead of me already! :D

This blog is dedicated to the many craft hobbies that I took over the years, mostly handmade and one (or two.. he he) involving some tools. As a person 'with many hobbies' (cited from 'What does your birthday says about you' quiz result in Fb), I have experimented on many craft ideas... as you will see on the entries that I will soon publish.

*You gotta have patience though... since I'm blogging during my free time; which is quite scarce these days... and to make matters worse, I can only write properly when I'm in the *right* mood ;-)

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Please note that all photos and articles in this blog are mine (unless otherwise stated), and I solely hold the copyright.  You should obtain my written permission in order to use the materials posted here.  Should I find any infringement, I have the right to ask them to be removed from other places.


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