Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tips #2 - Part II

So here I am... trying to solve the puzzle...

I began to analyze the tricks behind using DPNs and adequate length of circular needles; the bottom-line is that you must be able to divide the stiches equally among the needles (or on the cable for the circular needles - this can be a bit tricky) so that you can work as usual on some part of the fabric while leaving some parts on the other needles/cable on hold, and you have to do this in turns.  I only have two pairs of circular needles (3.5 and 4.5 mm) of 60 cm in my possession, but they are not long enough to allow me to move (and shift) comfortably between the parts that I'm working on and the part on hold.  So I decided to invest on two new pairs of circular needles (this time, 4mm - BOTH!).  I divided the stitches into two equal parts on different cables as I knit; I guess this is the closest I can get to using DPNs (yea... yea.. they are also double-pointed, with cable in between the needles :p  ).  Note that I'm using two pairs of circular needles for this purpose, but only a pair of circular needles are involves at a time as I knit in turns, and this is what I got:

And the end result:

.. a heightened level of satisfaction; for I can defeat the shortness of (tools) supplies in achieving my goal of... seamless bootie! HA HA

(*Note: you need to take extra care not to leave the adjacent stitches (the last and the first stitches) too loose; otherwise this will produce a bigger gap as compared to other stitches... and I just found out that this is referred to as 'ladders'. Well, at least I don't have to sew the seam anymore!)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tips #2 - Part I

I'm missing my yarn projects already!  I have two FOs that need to be photographed, but I don't feel like setting up my camera just yet... so I guess I can release my restlessness by updating my blog ;-)

This time I'd like to share another tips that I learnt as I was knitting baby booties.  I began to learn knit a bootie the easiest way - by knitting a 'flat' (yeah... almost flat, except for the toe shape) fabric and sewing both sides using a tapestry needle.  You only need two (normal) knitting needles of the right size, and this is just perfect for a knitter with a very limited gadget (a.k.a the beginner).  In the beginning this is very satisfying, as you can knit booties with just two needles.  However, as (ehemm...) I grew more skillful (ehemmm...) - more than often, I felt the urge to defer the sewing part until it was really needed.  Why? Simply due to the fact that you have to be extra careful not to create a crease as you stitch the seam.

I 'googled' to find solutions for seamless booties, and yes; you could knit the booties 'in rounds'.  In other words, you can knit around and around - creating 'seamless' booties and therefore save you the sewing process.  However, there are only two ways I found to knit in rounds; either by using at least three double-pointed needles (DPNs - they are usually sold in pack of four) or... using circular needles with adequate length of  cable.  And yeah, there is another way - by using a knitting loom (don't ask me how... I can't imagine how it works!).  Great... all are not in my possession right now... and a trip to the nearest craft supply store proved to be less successful...

Well... I am not going to be defeated by the limited supply of tools in my quest for a seamless bootie!!!  Should I pay more for postage than the tools from ebay stores?? Or... is there any other way around...???

... stay tuned for Part II ...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Ribbed booties

I made the first half of the booties some time ago, that time only to test the pattern involving 'brioche' stitch.  I managed to finished the second half to complete the pair last weekend - and this is the result:

... anybody interested? Going once... going twice....

Monday, July 12, 2010

July 2010 Booties

This is another pair of booties that I made in... err, end of June, but were fully completed in early July. Not that they are complicated; in fact they are quite the opposite, actually. It's just me who is a slow-knitter, I guess, and have to admit that being quite a perfectionist makes matters worst in a way. But look at the booties:

... aren't they just adorable?  ( Sorry again, these are also taken... )

June 2010 Booties - Part II

Now this is the second booties that I made in June.  I really like the shape and texture - so nice, soft and fluffy!

If only they could snugly fit my feet that are not so little anymore... :D
And, yeap... these are taken as well ;-)

June 2010 Booties - Part I

I've been very busy lately with my studies... but my craft projects are still on - during the weekends and at times when I needed time to think. So here's a couple of finished projects during the time I was 'missing' (MIA??? probably...)

The first one:

A pair of pink booties, made with cotton yarn and 4mm needles.  The interesting thing is that they can be worn both ways (reversible) depending on whether you like them to show:

... the Garter stitch side, or...

... the Stockinette stitch side.

Err... sorry to say that these booties are taken! ;-)