Wednesday, December 30, 2009

UFO #1

UFO! UFO! Catchy title, eh?

No... this is not a sighting of an unidentified flying object! Remember my initial posting about UFO? It is the term used by most crafters to refer to the stash of unfinished object.. HA HA

So this is my UFO #1 - my first try on knitting. At that time, I originally bought a box of knitting kit for the eldest princess. Rows of toy trucks, lorries and cars usually caught her immediate attention at the toy store. I guess by buying a knitting kit for her, I could make her see more feminine choices *wink*

I didn't realize that it was me, actually, who had the interest on knitting. As I sat there trying to figure out how to knit by following the given instruction and pattern, the princess finally lost her interest and was nowhere to be seen. In the end, it was me experimenting the kit (and not her!)... not a totally bad experience for me, but with a very limited reference, the only thing that I can get is a UFO!

... it was supposed to be a ladybird... Yeah, I can change colour, but that's it... Well.. that was almost a decade ago - I'm different now; with Mr Google by my side, I can knit better... thee he he... wait for more finished *knitted* project!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

How about a little something... for the kitchen

I was surfing the Internet one day when I stumbled upon a crochet pattern that I usually save onto the HDD, but will be on the later-to-do list. But this one caught my attention immediately... the end product is really cute!

This is supposed to be a pot-holder, but since it is so adorable... my little princess claimed that this is hers. What I crocheted here is a modification of the original pattern. It was done in single crochet (sc) around, but instead of crocheting 2 x the bear head (and later assembled together) I used 2 yarns and a bigger crochet needle for the head. I then changed to smaller needle for the nose and ears, but again, the ears were crocheted in half-circle (my way to cut down the total cost esp. time needed) and stitched to the bear's head. I used black yarn for the eyes and the nose... and here's what I get:

... the adorable potholder that you might think twice to use on a hot pot!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Something special for my pom-pom girls

Why 'pom-pom girls'? They are my Cheerleaders... and as cheerleaders, they cheer you up and make your spirit high especially when you're feeling low. Those are exactly what you gals do when I need some cheering-ups... and keeping me company. Thank you very much!

And as a token of appreciation, these are special cupcakes made just for you!

... for Cheerleader_E1, and...

... for Cheerleader_E2!

...hmmmm, these give me more ideas to come out with different variation for the toppings! ***And perhaps... to take orders?? Anyone...??? Thee he he

Monday, December 21, 2009

Mr Froggy...

It's been quite a while since my last post. I'm eager to write earlier but the thought of tons of works that were past deadline (deadline that I, myself, put thee he he) instantly put me back. But today I'm determine to write a few lines... ehemmm... and a picture of my latest attempt on amigurumi. So here goes... Mr Froggy!

I found the pattern from the Internet and it's free to download. It was worked in single crochet (sc) around - fun and easy. You should try it!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Princess!

The youngest Princess in our family turns 3 today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Got another cupcake ready for Little Princess... photo updated:


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Early experiments with yarns

My early experiments with yarns usually ended up as UFO (unfinished objects) that I left for my mother to mend. Those that managed to escaped the label of another UFO are usually in the form of...

... crocheted tablecloths (usually 'truncated' one... LOL) and *simplified* tissue box covers! Those were the early days of my involvement with yarns...

*I usually use my own creativity to either simplify the patterns or to speed up the crocheting time - for good reason: to avoid the piling of UFOs...

My first Amigurumi - revisited!

Amigurumi - "... is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small stuffed animals and anthropomorphic creatures." (Wikipedia)

Well, this is not normally what I wrote for term papers. But this is not a term paper... nor a freelance writing job that I sometimes do as another hobby to enforce mind-n-fingers exercise on creative writing. Focusing too much on technical writings does take a toll; you get so tied-up with facts and figures that you won't let yourself produce something creative! (As if this is creative enough! HA HA )

My first Amigurumi is not an animal nor other creature, but... a CUPCAKE!
But it is surely an amigurumi coz it was crocheted and stuffed. But what you see in this picture is not the first cupcake amigurumi I produced some time ago (the first two cupcakes had been tossed and squashed by two happy and energetic girls :) ) - this is specially made for my niece who just turned 1 last week. I made sure that it is safe (and soft!) for a toddler. Instead of decorating the cupcake with 'sprinkles', 'chocolate rice' or 'candies' made of beads and buttons, I used yarns of different colours to decorate the topping. Yeay...!